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5 Easy Ways To Attract Screech Owls To Your Yard

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Here are five quick suggestions for attracting small owls to your yard. Screech Owls, Saw-Whet Owls, Elf Owls, and many more breeds are always looking out for safe shelter to nest in. Try these suggestions to woo a feathered friend to your family's backyard.


1• Evergreen trees in your yard provide shade and safe places to hide from any potential threats.🌳


2 • Resist chopping your grass low in the spring. While we think of them as pests, all those insects roaming your yard make a mighty fine meal. 🦗


3• Skip the harmful pesticides you spray around your home and yard. These are harmful to your family, as well as young birds, squirrels, and owls. ❌


4• Cats, we love them! But if they are ferocious bird hunters, you could be up for a challenge. Best to keep them in at dusk and dawn. 🐈


5• Small owls do not build their own nests, usually taking over a previous animals nest. A man-made owl house could set you up for success! 🦉


This is where you can help, and get ahead of the game! Grab a KingWood Cedar Owl House Box to help your local owls. They are friendly birds, and will appreciate your kind gesture. Also providing a perfect learning opportunity for your family to enjoy! 🤓 📸 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


We invite you to come along and learn more about small owls with us at  KingWoodOwls.com


Start your OWL ADVENTURE today!

KingWood Owl House Box Lineup, KingWood Original Cedar Owl House Box


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