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Gift Giving Alert | KingWood Little Owl Box| $49.95

Our favorite small owls, the Screech Owl, are making their seasonal return to our yards! Cute as button.🦉 Coming in at the size of a soda can, with more cushiony feathers to enlarge their appearance, and to keep warm through the upcoming months. They will find themselves in a struggle for safe nesting areas.

screech owl

We are proud to share our newly designed home for our favorite backyard owls. The KingWood Little Owl Box. Specifically designed for these pint sized owls. This owl house has a solid build at an economical price. Something we're all looking for lately. These make for a unique gift giving experience that is sure to WOW your recipient. Comes completely built, with a full install kit, and guidance to get going and enjoying owls immediately.🦉🤗

Imagine how much fun having these little owls to watch from the comfort of your own home. They are very friendly birds, some absolutely love the attention! These smaller sized owls are no threat to your small dogs or cats. They are more interested in the large insects🐛 and rodent🐀 population around your home. A single Little Owl Box can maintain up to an acre of property. Hunting and clearing your property of damaging pests. Keeping your gardens, lawns, home, pets, and family naturally safe from typical chemicals sprayed to deter or kill such pests. Creating a beneficial relationship between you and your new feathered friend!🏡

screech owls are fun for the family

KingWood Little Owl Box install directions and youtube video to help

kingwood little owl box ships free and fast

start your owl adventure today

All our owl nests go on sale today. Be the first to score these deals and get one of the best gifts to give this holiday season. The sooner the box is mounted, the sooner the owls will scope it out, and take to it. Mating begins in early spring. So you wanna be sure to be ready, and not miss any of the action. Plus a chance to see baby owlets. Adding a new generation of Screech Owls to the neighborhood, that you personally had a hand in helping along!🥰 Order your new KingWood Little Owl Box, and maybe get one for a friend too this Christmas!🎁

From KingWood Owls and KingWood Clocks we wish you all a happy holiday season! Stay safe, warm, and enjoy your family time!🎄

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