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KingWood Owls

KingWood "Big Owl" House Box

KingWood "Big Owl" House Box

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This is a build to order product, taking up to 5 weeks. Thanks for your patience! Quality takes time and attention. We want to personally build your Owl House to be the best owl habitat for your money!!

✅ Fun & educational to observe for the new or experienced owl enthusiast 🤓

✅ Big owls help protect your property from pesky rodents🐁 and slithery reptiles🐍

✅ Solidly built with non treated plywood, framed, waterproof glue, screws, and silicone seals all around

✅  Owl house painted camouflage to blend in with environment, reduces rot & provides protection for nesting and raising owlets 🦉🦉

✅ Unscrew single screw on middle of cedar door to clean debris and/or mount camera 📸

✅ Owl house kit ships FREE, 📦 (1-3) Weeks ready for install with straps, L-bracket, mounting screws/washers, & nesting chips

✅ L-bracket to attach to tree, easy hoist eyelet to knot nylon rope, slide up ladder, strap to tree, use washer and screws to mount

✅Owl Nesting Box interior measures approximately: 15 x 15 inches wide x 15 inches in depth

✳️✳️ Rough dimensions are 22 inch wide, 18 inch tall/with slope to 17 inch. and roughly 16 inches deep. This brings the nesting cavity to roughly 15 inches squared, with a 6 inch predator guard hallway into nest area.

Host An Owl On Your Property

An owl nesting box is fun for everyone, young and experienced! Watch them swoop, glide, and hunt. Listen to the owls hoot and with their mate. Maybe even witness the magic of baby owlets 🦉🦉 in the springtime. 😍

Safe Pest Control Without Harmful PesticidesKingWood Owls Provide chemical free pest control for your backyard and garden.

Large owls will help control the reptile🐍 and rodent 🐁 population that may be passing through your yard, possibly doing damage. 😡 So they are a welcome,  💰COST SAVING 💰 addition to your property! These larger owls such as Barn, Spotted, Barred, or Great Horned Owls can be more aggressive! They are known to hunt animals slightly larger than themselves. So please be mindful if you have cats or small dogs. If you're not sure what kind of owls inhabit your neighborhood, ask a neighbor, ☎️ or start a conversation on a neighborhood app. ⌨️ People love talking about their owls! 😍🦉

Arrives With Everything You'll Need For SuccessKingWood Big Owl House arrives with everything you'll need for a successful install, this one may require professional help.

Your all new "Big Owl" house will come FULLY ASSEMBLED 👍 with pine nesting chips. We even included hardware to make mounting easier. Attach L-bracket to tree, tie a rope knot in easy hoist eyelet, slide owl box up the ladder, then place owl house on mounted bracket. 😁 Use the included screws to attach top strap to tree or structure. Additional strap included for extra stability if needed. We even have an install video tutorial to assist you (located on YouTube 📲). Larger owl house  boxes are typically hung at roughly 20-40 feet off ground 😓, with overhead leaf canopy 🍃 or roof eave 🏡 facing a more southern direction. Those northern winds 🌬 could be a bit much for raising baby owls.

 Owls Return To Nesting Boxes Every Year

The KingWood "Big Owl" House Box makes it simple to clean up in the summertime. 🌞 Just unscrew single screw on middle of cedar door to clean out debris. Owls are not known for their good housekeeping. 💩 LOL! Cedar door hinge can also aide in ability to mount a nesting camera for you to watch the amazing creatures grow up! 🦉 Usually in the winter❄️ they will began to prepare for their mating and nesting ritual. Owls usually will stay close to their spouse within a 5 mile radius as well as any offspring they may have! You may get to see the owlets grow and have babies of their own! 🦉 Being that they are highly intelligent birds of prey, they may scope out 🧐 your nesting box and not return to it again until the next mating season. 

Family Fun That Is Also EducationalEducational family fun watching and learning owl habits with your new KingWood Owl House box.

It's an amazing learning experience to provide for your family. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Think of all the photo opportunities 📸 you'll have to share with your friends on social media 📲 featuring your new, adorable, feathered guest(s)‼️ 🦉🦉

Super Fast Shipping, Think Gift GivingKingWood Big Owl House Box can be shipped quickly in 4-7 business days to your doorstep.

We now offer FREE SHIPPING 📦 anywhere in the USA! 🇱🇷 Don't get left out, ORDER NOW! 📅 Experience the magic of a KingWood "Big Owl" House Box shipped directly to your door in 1-3 weeks! A Unique Gift Giving Experience🎁

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