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KingWood Owls

KingWood Original Cedar Owl Box

KingWood Original Cedar Owl Box

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Let's learn about your new Owl House

✅  Screech owls can protect your lawn, gardens, and home from harmful damage caused by large insects🦗 & rodents🐀

✅  It's a fun and educational way to observe owls for the new or experienced bird enthusiast🤓

✅  This well constructed cedar owl box resists rot & provides protection from predators for safe nesting🌳

✅  Pull the pin on front for easy clean out hatch, release debris in the warmer summer months☀️ Owls are not great housekeepers.🤣

✅  Owl house kit ships FAST & FREE📦 (3-5 business days) ready for install with mounting screws, washers, nesting chips, & tips for owl box success

  Owl Box exterior measures approximately 24 inches long x 5.5 inches x 6.5 inch box, 8 inch roof/knob depth

  Owl Box interior nesting cavity measures approximately 4 inch x 5.25 inch wide box x 10 inch height to viewing window

Look What Happy Customers Are Saying

A Smaller Box For Smaller Screech Owls

Screech Owls come in at 6-9 inches tall.🦉 Too cute!😍 They are mostly feather over a petite frame. A small woodpecker hollow is usually a good home, albeit cramped, and in high demand. You could start a beneficial relationship with this small owl.

Let's learn more about the Screech Owl!🤓


Superior Pest Control Without Harmful Pesticides

Owls will help control the large insect🐛 and rodent🐁 population that may be passing through you yard. Possibly doing damage to your lawn.😡 Leaving your home free of harmful pesticides you would have to use otherwise. So they are a welcome cost saving💰 addition to your property!

Small Owls Will Not Harm Your Pets

Known to be somewhat social creatures, owls will sit, perched proudly, sunbathe, and curiously observe their surroundings.👀 Small Screech Owls aren't typically spooked by children, dogs, or lawnmowers, and are not a threat to your domestic cats🐈 or small dogs.🐩

Experience A Joyful Wonder Of Nature

Hosting an owl in your backyard🏡  is fun for everyone, young and experienced! Watch them swoop, glide, and hunt. Listen to the owls whinny conversations with their mate. Maybe even experience the magic of baby owlets🦉🦉 in the springtime. WOW!😍

Owl House Kit Arrives With Everything You'll Need

KingWood Owls owl house comes with everything you need for install in your family backyard.

Your all new KingWood cedar owl home will come with pine nesting chips. Screws, washers, & predrilled holes, for easy mounting. An info sheet with tips, owl behaviors, and our personalized KingWood Manor experiences with owls over the last few years. We even have an easy install, video tutorial to assist you. (Located on YouTube).📲 These owl boxes are typically hung at, roughly, 8-15 feet off of the ground, with overhead leaf canopy🌿 or roof eave, facing a more southern direction. Those northern winds could be a bit much for growing baby owls.🥶

 The Owl May Be Wise, But Not Tidy

After nesting season is over, the owls will typically take to the trees, staying within a five mile radius of your home. When our summer temperatures finally reduce, owls return back to their original stomping grounds to restart their mating and nesting rituals. So you can expect to host your guest every holiday season!🎄

 Fast Shipping Directly To Your Home

KingWood Owls ships in 3-5 business days to your home. Ready to install owl nest for your backyard and garden.

It's a visually amazing learning experience to share with your family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 and friends. Think of all the photo opportunities📸 with your cute new feathered guests! We now offer FAST & FREE SHIPPING📦 (3-5 days) anywhere in the USA!🇺🇸 Also makes a memorable gift🎁 that'll keep them talking for years to come! Don't be left out, order a KingWood Owl House now!

Let's start your OWL ADVENTURE now!


KingWood Original Cedar Owl Box w/Color POP

Over 5,000 KingWood Owl Boxes SOLD!

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Donna Dunham

Obsessed with our owl! Many family members and friends want owl houses now. I refer them to you! ❤️